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Visitation issues: resolving disputes between spouses

The decisions that are made during a divorce will impact a family for years, even decades, to come. Children are emotionally affected by their parents' divorce, even if the two parties are amicable and willing to work together to resolve custody and visitation issues. Since the best interests of the children are most important, parents may find it beneficial to work with a lawyer who understands the sensitive nature of custody arrangements.

A custody arrangement should reflect both parental rights and the needs of the children. Visitation schedules should allow the children adequate time with both parents as this can be beneficial for their emotional well being. If Missouri parents cannot reach a satisfactory arrangement outside of court, litigation may be the only way to reach a resolution.

When Missouri parents find themselves preparing to go to court over visitation and custody matters, it is important to have a lawyer who can adequately represent the rights of the parents and the needs of the child. An experienced family law attorney can help a parent build a case, working to prove that a specific arrangement is ultimately what is best for all parties involved. This requires patience and a close knowledge of divorce law. 

When parents can avoid litigation, a lawyer can still vigorously represent parental rights through negotiations and other methods of dispute resolution. It should be noted that parents do not have to get along in order to resolve visitation issues out of court. To better understand the options available, it can be useful to schedule a complete case consultation with a family law attorney. 

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