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Weighing parental rights against the emotional needs of children

Missouri parents know that divorce often has negative emotional impacts on children. In the midst of fighting for deserved parental rights, it is easy lose view of the emotional needs of the children. Fortunately, when parents commit to working together on a custody agreement, it is possible to protect the interests of the children and avoid litigation. 

Children are resilient, even after the difficulty that comes from watching parents divorce. One of the best ways to protect their emotions and ease the transition into life after divorce is by avoiding negative talk about the other parent. Kids benefit when they are able to maintain strong relationships with both parents, which can be arranged when two parents work together on a custody and visitation agreement. 

Missouri parents know that children are incredibly perceptive. When possible, parents should be open and honest about the major changes that come with divorce. When children know what to expect from new schedules and regularly see both parents, it can allow for an easier adjustment. It should be noted that when parents cannot work together on a custody arrangement, family court will take into account all of the details of the situation and determine what is in the interests of the children. 

Parents who are not able to amicably discuss issues or agree on any aspect of their divorce may still be able to avoid lengthy and painful litigation with proper assistance. A knowledgeable divorce attorney can help guide a parent though the difficult process of ending marriage, protecting parental rights and pursuing a reasonable resolution. When two parents can agree to protect the emotional and physical needs of their children, the entire divorce process can be smoother for all parties involved. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "8 Things Kids Of Divorce Want Parents To Know", Brittany Wong, April 2, 2015

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