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Child custody fight pits parents against the state

In most Missouri custody fights, the parties include two parents who have decided to divorce and are at odds over the care and custody of their shared children. However, cases come before family courts in Missouri and elsewhere that do not follow this predictable pattern. An example lies in an unusual child custody case that has sparked a great deal of debate across the nation.

The case centers on a 19-month-old child who is failing to develop at a normal rate. The child's parents have taken their son to a number of doctors to try and determine the cause of the problem, but no diagnosis has been reached thus far other than a failure to thrive. Despite the family's concerns over the matter, the state in which they reside made the decision to remove the child from their care, alleging that he is the victim of medical neglect.

In a recent hearing, the only medical professional to testify for the state was a doctor who has never examined the child and never spoken to the parents. The state has also failed in finding a medical reason for the boy's developmental delays. However, the judge in the case still ruled that the child should remain in the care of the state. As of the time of this report, the parents are only permitted to visit with their young son for two one-hour periods each week.

This is just one of many medical neglect cases that has gained media attention in recent years. Many in Missouri and elsewhere feel strongly that the powers of the state are being abused in such cases and that parental rights are being stripped away. As for the family in the center of this child custody case, it is impossible to quantify the emotional turmoil that comes when a child is removed from the family home for both the parents and the child.   

Source: theblaze.com, "Child Services Takes Custody of Texas Couple???s 19-Month-Old Son: ???It Makes No Sense???", Jason Howerton, May 6, 2015

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