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Divorce issues and how they may impact child custody

Missouri residents who are facing a potentially long and complex divorce may be wondering if it is possible to avoid costly litigation. Divorcing couples may find it useful to consider what factors led to their divorce, which may foster better communication between parties. A willingness to communicate and negotiate may help couples keep child custody and property division matters out of court.

Certain predictors may actually indicate if a couple is more likely to divorce. Younger couples with less education have a higher divorce rate, as do couples who have shorter engagements. Rushing to marriage may prevent a couple from taking protective steps, such as drafting prenuptial agreements and working through issues that can complicate a marriage. It is also said that couples with children from previous relationships have a higher divorce rate, perhaps as high as 60 percent. 

As Missouri readers may expect, emotional issues of all kinds can lead to marital problems and a possible divorce. By properly identifying the underlying causes of a divorce, a couple can resolve to put aside personal feelings to resolve issues quickly. In turn, this can make the difficult transition of a divorce an easier and less complicated process for any children. 

Child custody is often one of the most complicated aspects of divorce. It is important to work with a legal team that will protect the overall interests of the children, as well as the parental rights of the client. With the right assistance, divorcing individuals can work toward the common goal of resolving divorce issues quickly and without the need for litigation.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Prevent Your Future Divorce by Learning What Predicts It", Becky Whetstone, May 4, 2015

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