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Is one type of child custody arrangement better than another?

Missouri parents know that divorce will have an impact on their children, even if both parties are amicable and committed to working through issues together. Parents often struggle with determining which child custody arrangement may be best for their children, wondering if one arrangement is better than another. A new study suggests that joint custody may be ideal for young children. 

After parents separate, even before a divorce is final, children can be impacted by temporary living arrangements. A new study found that children who spend time or live with both parents tend to display fewer problems than those who only live with one. Children who lived in a joint custody situation had fewer headaches, stomach problems, less trouble concentrating and displayed fewer physical symptoms related to psychosomatic issues. 

Missouri parents may know that it is best for their children to maintain close contact with both parents after divorce. However, parents who are unable to work together may fear that their custody case will go to court, and they will have less input over the outcome. However, with the correct approach, parents may be able to avoid litigation, even if they do not get along. 

All parents wish to protect the best interests of their children but may be unsure how to do this in the midst of a complex divorce. Parents who wish to have control over the final child custody arrangement and avoid a lengthy and costly litigation process would be wise to seek the assistance of an attorney experienced in custody cases. This effort can protect both parents and children from unnecessary stress during a difficult time. 

Source: youthhealthmag.com, "Joint Custody Is 'Better' For Kids' Health, According To New Study", Ji Hyun Joo, May 18, 2015

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