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June 2015 Archives

Fathers' rights in Missouri

The fathers' rights movement is relatively new and was born out of the desire of fathers to have a more prominent role in the lives of their children. Fathers' rights cases are a rather complex area of law, but Missouri dads can greatly benefit from understanding what entitlements are granted to them under state law. Fathers have rights even if they were never married to the mother of the child. 

Technology and the future of child support

Missouri parents know that disagreements over child support can be one of the most troubling aspects of divorce. It is already challenging to divide assets, separate lives and determine child custody, and support disputes can lengthen the process and add undue stress. New technology has recently become available that is intended to reduce these disputes and help parents avoid future legal conflicts over child support.

Seeking a less stressful divorce and child custody arrangement

Divorce tends to bring out long-buried issues, even between the most amicable and cooperative of couples. While there is no such thing as a perfect divorce, Missouri couples can strive to have less stress and complications during the process. There are several specific steps that can be taken to minimize confrontation and unnecessary conflict in child custody discussions.

Child support in Missouri and your rights

As Missouri parents know, it is often complex to navigate the financial issues that must be addressed during a divorce. One of these issues is determining the amount of child support that is owed to the custodial parent. While both parents technically have an obligation to financially support the children, one parent could be ordered to pay a certain amount per month for the needs of the kids. 

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