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Child support in Missouri and your rights

As Missouri parents know, it is often complex to navigate the financial issues that must be addressed during a divorce. One of these issues is determining the amount of child support that is owed to the custodial parent. While both parents technically have an obligation to financially support the children, one parent could be ordered to pay a certain amount per month for the needs of the kids. 

Parents who are ordered to pay child support should understand how these amounts are calculated in Missouri. Conversely, the parent who will be receiving these payments should also know how much they are owed every month. The main factor considered when calculating support is the income of both parents, but other factors are taken into account as well. 

When parents share parenting time and custody, it can greatly benefit the children, but one parent could still be ordered to pay support. When certain medical needs arise or circumstances change, it can affect the amount of support paid or received. When a Missouri parent wishes to modify a support arrangement, he or she has the right to do so with the help of a family law attorney. 

You have the right to work with a team who understands your needs and empathizes with your situation. If you find yourself unable to meet your child support obligations or your spouse is not paying the proper amount each month, you have the right to seek a legal remedy as soon as possible. Get accurate and honest information about child support through the resources available on our website or schedule a personal consultation. 

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