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Fathers' rights in Missouri

The fathers' rights movement is relatively new and was born out of the desire of fathers to have a more prominent role in the lives of their children. Fathers' rights cases are a rather complex area of law, but Missouri dads can greatly benefit from understanding what entitlements are granted to them under state law. Fathers have rights even if they were never married to the mother of the child. 

Unmarried parents have the same legal rights as parents who were married at the time their child was born. Fathers cannot be denied their rightful visitation or custody share simply because the other parent does not want to cooperate. At that point, it would be well within the rights of the father to seek a legal resolution to the situation in a Missouri family court.

If you find that your rightful parenting time as a father has been denied, or your relationship status with the mother has recently changed, it may be necessary to take steps to set up a legally binding custody order. This will protect your rights as a father and provide the child with the benefit of having time with both parents. In some cases, these situations can be resolved out of court with the help of an attorney.

Any father would be wise to protect his rights by seeking a legal opinion regarding options for custody and visitation. You are fully entitled to the assistance of a lawyer to resolve any family law matter, from child support disputes to paternity. You can find the support you need and additional information about fathers' rights by scheduling a complete case evaluation.

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