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Avoiding emotion-based decisons during child custody disputes

Missouri couples know that divorce can be an emotionally challenging time for both parties. During this difficult time, it is easy to become overwhelmed by frustration, hurt and even anger. However, feelings should never be the basis of important decisions made during divorce. In fact, having a knowledgeable lawyer working on your behalf can guide you through negotiations over child custody, helping you reach a resolution that is suitable for years to come. 

In the state of Missouri, it is the goal of the courts to ensure that children maintain a strong relationship with both parents after divorce. While the courts do try to protect the best interests of the children, parents can keep their custody disputes out of court with the right approach and a willingness to work together. Major decisions about custody, support and visitation should be based on the immediate and long-term needs of the kids.

Divorce is difficult, and it can be hard to resist the urge to be uncooperative, vindictive or unwilling to discuss the terms of a custody agreement. If spouses find it difficult to work together, a knowledgeable lawyer can help facilitate discussions, negotiate terms or recommend alternate dispute resolution methods. A legal ally can help a party make decisions that are based on practical considerations rather than emotions. 

We know that child custody is a difficult aspect of divorce, but we are prepared to help you protect your parental rights and the interests of your children. After a complete case evaluation, we can determine an appropriate approach for your situation. Get the information you need to make decisions that protect your future and long-term goals.

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