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Mom of musician Rick Ross' child demands more in child support

When two people have a baby together and decide to split up in Missouri, child support is often a source of contention between the pair of individuals. The individual who is awarded child support may be concerned that he or she is not receiving a fair amount. Meanwhile, the person paying child support may fear that he or she is not being treated fairly. A high-profile individual in one out-of-state case may have to pay more in child support due to the demands of his child's mother.

The celebrity involved in this current child custody case is rapper Rick Ross. His child's mother, Tia Kemp, is demanding that he pay more in child support. He currently pays her $1,951 each month. However, Kemp recently filed documents to boost the rate to $2,800 each month for their son, William III.

The estimate is based on the fact that Ross recently invested in a total of nine franchises of Wingstop. He also has a mansion valued at almost $6 million in Atlanta, along with a mansion worth more than $5 million in Florida. He further has endorsement deals for sparkling wine and electronic cigarettes. Ross is also the owner of the label Maybach Music Group.

It is required that both parents of a child, even if they decide to split up, share in the responsibility of financially supporting the child. In the event that one parent believes a child support amount previously determined by a judge should be adjusted, this parent has the right to petition the court for a modification. It is within both of the parents' rights to seek their best interests, while focusing on the child's needs when dealing with child support issues in Missouri.

Source: suntimes.com, "Mother of Rick Ross' child wants more child support", Shamontiel Vaughn, July 18, 2015

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