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August 2015 Archives

Child custody and support arrangements may require modification

One of the most challenging parts of a divorce in Missouri is child support or child custody. Even if a child support or custody arrangement that is set up during the divorce process seems to be reasonable now, it may not be appropriate years down the road. In this situation, both parties or one of the parties may strive to have their child custody and support arrangements modified.

Addressing matters of paternity in Missouri

Whenever a child is born in Missouri, fathers and mothers have certain rights, protected under the law. Even if a couple who has a child is not married, each parent still has legal rights regarding the upbringing and care of the child. In such cases, actions to establish and uphold paternity rights are sometimes needed, especially where matters of child custody and/or visitation are concerned.

Avoid common mistakes during a child custody dispute

Missouri readers may have noted the significant number of celebrity divorces that have dominated headlines in the recent weeks. While most couples do not have the income levels of these famous individuals, every marriage that involves children will have to resolve child custody disputes before a divorce can be final. By learning from mistakes often made during some of the high asset divorce proceedings in the news, an individual can pursue a beneficial outcome in his or her own divorce on a reasonable time line. 

Sharing child custody? Avoid these common mistakes after divorce.

Divorce is a difficult time for all parties involved, especially children. Although the end of a marriage will bring a time of adjustment for every member of the family, it is possible to avoid certain mistakes. This effort can make sharing child custody an easier process for everyone. 

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