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Child custody and support arrangements may require modification

One of the most challenging parts of a divorce in Missouri is child support or child custody. Even if a child support or custody arrangement that is set up during the divorce process seems to be reasonable now, it may not be appropriate years down the road. In this situation, both parties or one of the parties may strive to have their child custody and support arrangements modified.

A child support or custody order can be changed to reflect any changes in the two divorced individuals' financial and personal circumstances. For instance, maybe one parent desires to move within the state or even relocate to a different state. A child might also be having academic or disciplinary problems in the current custody situation.

Another personal change that may spark the need for a child custody or support modification includes the fact that one parent has begun a brand new relationship with a person who unfortunately is a negative influence. In addition, one person might have fixed his or her alcohol or drug abuse problem, or a parent might have relocated back to Missouri from another state. Sometimes a teenager desires to stay exclusively with the dad or mom, or one of the parents has either begun to earn more money or lost a job.

In a contested modification case, a person must demonstrate that a major change in his or her circumstances has occurred and that a modification is therefore needed in child support or custody. A qualified attorney can serve as an advocate who can help an individual successfully pursue modification. An attorney can also represent those who have been served with petitions for modification of their child custody and support arrangements in Missouri.

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