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Sharing child custody? Avoid these common mistakes after divorce.

Divorce is a difficult time for all parties involved, especially children. Although the end of a marriage will bring a time of adjustment for every member of the family, it is possible to avoid certain mistakes. This effort can make sharing child custody an easier process for everyone. 

One of the most common mistakes made by Missouri couples facing divorce is the failure to plan for life after divorce. It is easy to be consumed by the stress and emotion of the process, but it is most important to make level-headed, carefully considered decisions that protect long-term interests. This applies to child custody, property division and financial support agreements. 

Couples often miss the opportunity to avoid costly and stressful litigation. This is a mistake, as alternatives, such as mediation, provide the opportunity for a couple to better control the outcome of their divorce. Mediation can also open lines of communication and provide an environment that allows for reasonable, productive conversations regarding a beneficial outcome. Many believe that mediation is quicker, cost-effective and leads to a more fair settlement. When parents can mediate the terms of a custody agreement, it can protect the children from undue stress and allow them reasonable time with both parents.

Co-parenting can be difficult, but can ultimately be the best situation for the children. Taking steps to avoid common mistakes during divorce can make child custody a smoother process as both Missouri parents and children adjust to life after divorce. To understand how to make beneficial decisions, it is best to speak with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "10 Common Mistakes People Make In Divorce (And How To Avoid Them)", Brittany Wong, July 29, 2015

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