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September 2015 Archives

Changing child support orders after a divorce is final

Divorce is a complex time, and it is difficult to accurately estimate financial circumstances months or years after the proceedings are final. Child support, spousal support and other obligations can lead to financial strain, but a Missouri parent is not out of options. There are ways by which a person can seek legal changes to child support orders through a modification request.

Actress and ex-fiance agree to child custody agreement

Missouri readers may be interested to know that famous actress Uma Thurman and her ex-fiance have finally agreed to a custody agreement after an extended dispute.  The terms of the child custody dispute are not available to the public, but a judge complimented the parents' ability to compromise on an arrangement. The judge also stated that the parents worked together to make their daughter happy.

Child support can be a complex issue during divorce

Child support can be a significant cause of conflict between two parents going through a divorce in Missouri. One may worry about having to pay too much in child support to the other party, while the other might be concerned about not getting enough or never getting paid at all. In Missouri, there are guidelines that help to dictate the appropriate child support amount.

Visitation rights can be sticking point of separation, divorce

Child custody battles can take an emotional toll on both the parents and the children involved. Visitation is one area, in particular, that can spark conflict. A couple of tips may help individuals in Missouri make wise decisions when dealing with matters involving parental visitation rights.

Parenting plan can be helpful in divorce involving child custody

One of the most unpleasant aspects of a divorce is fighting over who gets to keep the children and how decisions will be made regarding them. Creating parenting plans can be immensely helpful for those going through a divorce involving child custody. A few tips may help individuals in Missouri come up with a practical plan for the entire family.

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