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Actress and ex-fiance agree to child custody agreement

Missouri readers may be interested to know that famous actress Uma Thurman and her ex-fiance have finally agreed to a custody agreement after an extended dispute.  The terms of the child custody dispute are not available to the public, but a judge complimented the parents' ability to compromise on an arrangement. The judge also stated that the parents worked together to make their daughter happy.

This agreement comes at the end of a contentious, public custody dispute. Recently, the father sued Ms. Thurman in order to gain more time with their 3-year-old daughter. As this case illustrates, parents may sometimes find it necessary to take legal action in order secure their rightful parenting time. 

The primary concern with any child custody agreement is the well being and happiness of any children affected. Barring drug use, a history of abuse or other significant concerns, each parent has the right to visitation and/or custody. It has been proved that it is in the best interests of children to maintain a stable, healthy relationship with both parents after divorce. Even a contentious dispute may be resolved through negotiations or other forms of conflict resolution.

In order for Missouri parents to successfully navigate a custody dispute, it is important to have assistance from an experienced family law attorney. It is possible to navigate a child custody dispute in a way that protects parental rights as well as the interests of the children. When facing a custody battle, it is wise to begin with a complete evaluation of the circumstances in order to determine a beneficial way to proceed.

Source: pagesix.com, "Uma Thurman, ex settle child custody battle", Julia Marsh, Sept. 18, 2015

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