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Changing child support orders after a divorce is final

Divorce is a complex time, and it is difficult to accurately estimate financial circumstances months or years after the proceedings are final. Child support, spousal support and other obligations can lead to financial strain, but a Missouri parent is not out of options. There are ways by which a person can seek legal changes to child support orders through a modification request.

The support orders put into place during a divorce may work for a time, but circumstances can change. Jobs change, people remarry or a serious accident can quickly eat through financial resources. Whatever the reason may be, a person has the right to seek a modification to an existing support order. These modifications should accurately reflect the changes in the supporting parent's financial circumstances.

Modification requests must be supported with evidence sufficient to prove that a change is necessary. When the other parent contests a modification, it can be a complex dispute to resolve. A lawyer can help a Missouri parent navigate this process, seeking an outcome that will benefit the parent while still protecting the interests of the child.

If your financial circumstances have changed since your divorce was final, it makes sense to seek the counsel of an experienced family law attorney. Changing child support orders is not impossible, but rather is an achievable goal with the right support and legal help. If you are unsure of your options or would like an impartial opinion regarding a proposed modification, it is best to seek an evaluation with an experienced legal ally. You can also visit our site for additional information.

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