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Parenting plan can be helpful in divorce involving child custody

One of the most unpleasant aspects of a divorce is fighting over who gets to keep the children and how decisions will be made regarding them. Creating parenting plans can be immensely helpful for those going through a divorce involving child custody. A few tips may help individuals in Missouri come up with a practical plan for the entire family.

Parenting plans provide for agreed-upon parenting time schedules. The purpose of a solid plan is to provide some stability in the lives of one's children. This is especially important directly following divorce, when the children have to adjust to divorce-related changes.

One important part of a parenting plan is for both parents to agree on how they will communicate; they should also be consistent in using this method of communication. Communication options include phone calls, emails and text messages. In a traditional parenting plan, the children might live with one parent, while the other parent can spend the evening with the kids one day of the week and enjoy visitation every couple of weekends. Nowadays, however, many parents are attempting to put together shared parenting plans, which allow them to divide their parenting time in an equal manner.

The family law court prefers for parents to work out parenting plans by themselves. Doing this with proper legal guidance can help both parents save the expense and time associated with pursuing a court decision on the matter. Otherwise, a judge will ultimately decide for the parents how child custody will be addressed in their family's particular situation in Missouri.

Source: nj.com, "How to address back-to-school concerns for divorced parents", Victoria Dalton, Aug. 22, 2015

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