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Child custody disputes and the emotional needs of the children

A divorce is often hardest for the children, who sometimes carry the scars of a contentious divorce for the rest of their lives. Missouri parents who have decided to go their separate ways always want to protect their children as much as possible throughout the process, but they are often unsure of how to do so. In order to help parents make practical and beneficial decisions regarding child custody, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) has released a guideline that can be used as a resource for divorcing parents.

Parents are often unsure of how to negotiate a parenting agreement that addresses their needs and the dynamics of their family. Children may have special needs that must be considered, but parental rights should be also be protected. These guidelines come with suggested schedules and helpful guidelines regarding the importance of communication between parents after a divorce.

Missouri parents know that periods of transition are hardest on children, especially during a divorce. With the right legal guidance, parents can pursue a parenting agreement that keeps the children out of their emotional battles and provides them emotional stability during this difficult process. Guidelines can be very helpful during the daunting legal process of a divorce, but any parenting plan should be tailored to the individual family.

A lawyer knowledgeable in family law in Missouri can be the best ally for a parenting navigating the end of a marriage. A child-centered parenting plan is best developed with the help of a lawyer who can protect parental rights. Any parent should first seek the opinion of a lawyer before agreeing to the terms of a child custody plan.

Source: Huffington Post, "How to Keep Divorce Focused on the Needs of the Children", James McLaren, Oct 9, 2015

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