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November 2015 Archives

Sherri Shepherd must continue to pay child support

Sherri Shepherd has lost her legal battle in which she was trying to have her name removed from her child's birth certificate. This move comes as part of a long battle over child support between the Shepherd and her ex-husband, who is raising the child. Missouri readers may have read about this extensive, highly publicized legal battle.

How you can change a child support or custody order

Over time, the terms of a divorce order may no longer match a person's needs or financial capabilities. When circumstances change, it is important for a Missouri parent to take steps to modify an order so that further complications can be avoided. If you believe that you could benefit from a modification to a spousal or child support order, find out how you can begin this process. 

Child custody a focus of Halle Berry's divorce

Child custody is often one of the major areas of contention during a divorce in Missouri and other states. A child custody battle can have a long-lasting emotional impact not only on the two parents involved but also on the child. One high-profile individual, actress Halle Berry, is currently going through a divorce involving child custody.

Anger and child custody: how to separate the two

Many people going through a divorce often deal with serious emotions, including anger. Parents who are battling over suitable child custody arrangements may have trouble putting aside personal feelings in order to reach an agreement, but it is best for the children when parents can leave anger out of their discussions. Anger can lead to misguided decisions that are not actually in the best interests of the parents or kids. 

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