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Anger and child custody: how to separate the two

Many people going through a divorce often deal with serious emotions, including anger. Parents who are battling over suitable child custody arrangements may have trouble putting aside personal feelings in order to reach an agreement, but it is best for the children when parents can leave anger out of their discussions. Anger can lead to misguided decisions that are not actually in the best interests of the parents or kids. 

It is particularly difficult to put anger aside when a person feels wronged by his or her spouse for various reasons. While it is normal to feel upset by unfair circumstances, children will ultimately suffer if their parents use divorce as a weapon to harm the other parent. Missouri readers facing a divorce will find that it is easier to prevent harmful emotions from clouding their judgement when they have a strong legal ally to advocate for their needs. 

Parents who are navigating a particularly difficult divorce may find that they can benefit from professional help. Confronting and dealing with emotions may be the best way to move on toward a beneficial divorce arrangement and a more peaceful future. In the same way, parents should acknowledge that it is always best for the kids when they can maintain healthy relationships with both parents, even if they do not get along.

It is normal to deal with a wide range of emotions during a divorce. Fortunately, a Missouri lawyer can guide a parent through this complex process by finding a resolution that benefits both the client and his or her children. Anger may be a normal side effect of divorce, but it should not be the driving force behind critical child custody decisions.

Source: Huffington Post, "Tips for Coping With Divorce-Related Anger", Jane Zatylny, Oct. 29, 2015

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