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December 2015 Archives

Frozen embryos and parental rights at the center of dispute

A Missouri woman is fighting for the right to implant embryos created and frozen before she and her husband divorced. This cases raises interesting questions regarding parental rights and the fate of embryos after a couple divorces or chooses not to use them. A judge denied the woman permission to implant the embryos, but she intends to continue to fight for her desired outcome. 

Child support and other issues for single mothers after divorce

As Missouri readers know, divorce can leave a person with financial burdens and uncertainty about the future. This is especially true for single mothers, who often face difficulties after the divorce is final. This is why it is particularly important for any single mother to fully understand her right to receive child support and other applicable financial assistance during this process. 

How social media can impact a child custody order

Social media has impacted almost every area of life, and Missouri readers will not be surprised to learn that it can also affect their divorce. In fact, social media can have a direct impact on a child custody order or other aspects of the divorce proceedings. Parents should always practice caution when posting about their children, particularly during divorce. 

Take steps to protect your parental rights after divorce

Missouri parents know that divorce will have a permanent impact on a family's dynamics. Despite the financial and emotional consequences of the end of a marriage, a parent has the right to pursue the exercise of his or her parental rights. In fact, it is possible to make decisions to protect these entitlements. 

Child custody battle takes unusual turn

As Missouri parents know, child custody is often one of most contentious issues of a divorce. However, difficult divorces are not the only time when child custody disputes may arise. This is illustrated by a recent case in which two men are fighting over the custody of the same children, because the mother is dying of cancer.

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