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Take steps to protect your parental rights after divorce

Missouri parents know that divorce will have a permanent impact on a family's dynamics. Despite the financial and emotional consequences of the end of a marriage, a parent has the right to pursue the exercise of his or her parental rights. In fact, it is possible to make decisions to protect these entitlements. 

Child custody is often one of the most contested issues in a divorce. Parents are often frustrated by the arrangements proposed, especially if they submit those unresolved issues to a court. The courts main concern is to protect the best interests of the children, which is based on many factors. The court, as well-intentioned as it may be, does not know your children like you do. That is why a custody agreement drafted between the two parents is often the best way to maintain control of the situation and maintain access to your children. 

Reaching an agreement out of court is not always possible. It is important to have the help of a lawyer who can protect your interests during custody negotiations and, if necessary, while tenaciously presenting your case in family court. If you have concerns about an infringement of your rights or you believe that your spouse or ex-spouse is currently denying or will try to deny you access to your kids, it is best to seek legal assistance promptly.

Protecting parental rights is one our main objectives when we help Missouri parents navigate divorce. We understand that the divorce is difficult, which is why you deserve an experienced ally to help you navigate this process. With a case evaluation, we can determine what legal options are available to you as a parent.

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