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January 2016 Archives

Divorcing in January and how it could impact support arrangements

As Missouri readers know, it is not uncommon for couples to seek a divorce in January. For many reasons, couples facing the end of a marriage defer action over the holiday season, perhaps to spare the family emotional duress during an important time of year. As January filings typically increase after the first of the year, it is wise to acknowledge how the timing could impact support arrangements and other financial matters.

A child custody order impacts a kid's mental health

Missouri parents know that child custody will have a far-reaching impact on a child's life. Research indicates that divorce can affect a child's mental health and well-being, making it important to shield a child from conflict and stressful situations as much as possible. With the right effort, a new child custody arrangement does not have to be the source of undue stress or anxiety of the kids.

You can secure modifications to a child support order

Divorce brings many changes to a Missouri family. From living arrangements to finances, the end of a marriage marks the beginning of many significant adjustments. The arrangements that are carefully discussed and negotiated during divorce proceedings may be beneficial for awhile, but certain things, such as a child support order, may not always reflect the true needs or circumstances of a parent. 

Understanding the types of child custody arrangements

Missouri parents naturally wish to protect the emotional and physical needs of their children during and after a divorce. One of the main ways of doing so is by determining a child custody arrangement that is suited to the needs of the children and the dynamics of the individual family. When custody arrangements cannot be agreed upon by the parents, the court will determine an arrangement that is considered to be in the best interests of the children.

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