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You can secure modifications to a child support order

Divorce brings many changes to a Missouri family. From living arrangements to finances, the end of a marriage marks the beginning of many significant adjustments. The arrangements that are carefully discussed and negotiated during divorce proceedings may be beneficial for awhile, but certain things, such as a child support order, may not always reflect the true needs or circumstances of a parent. 

In Missouri, it is possible for a parent to secure a modification to a child support order in certain circumstances. These changes can only be approved by the court. Even if parents are in agreement about a change in financial arrangements, everything should go through the proper legal channels. When a parent needs to seek a modification in response to significant financial changes, it is best to seek professional assistance.

There are many circumstances that may merit a modification to a support order. If a parent loses his or her job or the child develops a particular physical or medical need, grounds for a change to current arrangements may exist. Significant financial changes can happen at any time, and every individual has the right to an arrangement that maintains realistic financial expectations. 

The intent of child support is to provide for the needs and best interests of a child. However, parents are not always in control of their financial circumstances. When unexpected circumstances arise, parents are fully entitled to explore the possibility of a legal remedy to their problem. With a modification, a parent can still meet his or her financial obligations to the child. An attorney can determine if this is an option for for you, so schedule a case evaluation or visit our site for more information.

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