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February 2016 Archives

Avoiding mistakes for a beneficial child custody order

Divorce can be difficult for every member of the family, but parents have the ability to make the process smoother for the children who will be impacted by a child custody arrangement. Co-parenting is an option that is growing in popularity, but it is not always the easiest path for two parents who have just navigated a divorce. If parents are committed to working together for the benefit of the children, a child custody order should reflect the best interests of the children.

Protecting the children with a thoughtful child custody order

When Missouri parents file for divorce, it is likely that this decision was preceded by months of fighting or difficult discussions. After such a long period of stress and conflict, it can be difficult to navigate the process of a divorce while maintaining an attitude of civility and cooperation. However difficult their own interpersonal conflicts may be, parents can make it easier to agree on a child custody order by keeping the focus on the needs of the children.

A child custody agreement that works for the whole family

When a couple files for divorce, they will have to resolve many difficult issues, including custody of the children and visitation. While these issues are important and parents may have strong feelings about their preferred outcome, it is still possible to navigate a divorce in a way that allows parents to remain partners for the sake of the children. When Missouri parents are committed to cooperation for the sake of their children, it is possible to find a child custody arrangement that works for everyone. 

Father loses child custody over use of medical marijuana

Missouri readers will take note of an interesting case involving a former U.S. veteran and this current custody battle. Just recently, this father and his wife lost child custody of five of their children due to use of medical marijuana for treatment of his PTSD and chronic pain. He currently has a prescription for medical cannabis in a state where it is legal and was preparing to move to that state when the kids were taken. 

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