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March 2016 Archives

Do not let emotions impact a child custody dispute

Issues pertaining to children and child custody can bring out strong emotions for all parties involved. Missouri parents who are already navigating or facing a divorce know that this is normal, but they should be particularly vigilant to prevent emotions from having a negative impact on a child custody dispute. A parent should never make a negative impression on a judge because he or she cannot effectively manage emotions and words. 

Do you understand how child support works? We can help.

Any issue that pertains to financial matters can be a hotly contested issue during a divorce. Child support is also a commonly disputed matter as one person believes that he or she should receive a certain amount while the other party disagrees. No matter what side of the issue you are on, a close understanding of how child support is calculated and distributed may help Missouri couples avoid necessary conflicts.

A child custody agreement that protects child's mental health

Missouri parents understand that divorce is often hardest on the children, but in the midst of the process, it can be hard to recognize the negative impact that it may have on the kids. While parents are often focused on their own disputes and the logistics of a temporary child custody arrangement, children can suffer  mentally and emotionally. The end of the parents' marriage can leave children feeling insecure and lost.

What does Missouri law say about grandparents' rights?

Missouri readers know that grandparents play an important role in the life and development of their grandchildren. In some situations, the grandparents must assume a more parental role, providing care, housing or financial support to their grandchildren. When these situations arise, it is important to protect one's rights by seeking the counsel of a lawyer experienced in grandparents' rights. 

Consistency starts with a practical child custody order

Consistency after divorce is one of most important things for parents to seek for the benefit of their children. Establishing a parenting plan that allows children to maintain strong relationships with both parents is often in their best interests, and a child custody plan should allow for this arrangement. In a co-parenting arrangement, consistency allows Missouri parents to work together, even when they do not agree on every issue.

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