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A child custody agreement that protects child's mental health

Missouri parents understand that divorce is often hardest on the children, but in the midst of the process, it can be hard to recognize the negative impact that it may have on the kids. While parents are often focused on their own disputes and the logistics of a temporary child custody arrangement, children can suffer  mentally and emotionally. The end of the parents' marriage can leave children feeling insecure and lost.

There are ways to deal with the subject of divorce in a way that is both honest and protective of the best interests of the children. Parents should clearly communicate with their kids the fact that the divorce is not their fault and that both parents will retain a significant role in their lives. With help, children can deal constructively with the loss of their old life.

During divorce and separation, there are many issues that must be addressed, but parents should keep a close watch on the mental health of their children during this time. Signs of distress or other problems should be addressed immediately. In some cases, counselors can provide clarity and a safe place to express emotions during this difficult and complex process.

For many families, divorce is the necessary, albeit difficult, path for a more peaceful life for every member of the family. However, during the process, Missouri parents can take steps to protect the mental and emotional health of their children. By choosing to work together on a child custody arrangement that is based on the best interests of the children, it is possible to minimize the potential impact of the divorce.

Source: aacal.org, "Divorce and Children", Accessed on March 14, 2016

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