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Consistency starts with a practical child custody order

Consistency after divorce is one of most important things for parents to seek for the benefit of their children. Establishing a parenting plan that allows children to maintain strong relationships with both parents is often in their best interests, and a child custody plan should allow for this arrangement. In a co-parenting arrangement, consistency allows Missouri parents to work together, even when they do not agree on every issue.

In order to establish a parenting plan that benefits the short- and long-term interests of a child, it is important to work through pertinent issues during a divorce. All major issues should be addressed in negotiations over the terms of a child custody arrangement. These issues include religious upbringing, educational preferences, discipline, holiday travel and other matters that will impact a child's schedule. 

Even when two parents are at odds regarding how to raise their children after divorce, intentional effort and careful work during a divorce can minimize conflict once the divorce is over. This, plus an effort to closely follow the terms of a final custody order, can provide the stability that a child needs after a divorce. Consistency in a co-parenting arrangement is best for all parties involved.

Child custody is one of most difficult issues to work through during a divorce. Missouri parents can benefit from the assistance of a lawyer experienced in complex family law issues, which can result in a beneficial and practical child custody arrangement. A parent who wishes to understand his or her parental rights and the best interests of his or her children would benefit from a complete case evaluation.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Consistent Coparenting Eases Life for Children After Divorce", Rosalind Sedacca, Feb. 29, 2016

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