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Do not let emotions impact a child custody dispute

Issues pertaining to children and child custody can bring out strong emotions for all parties involved. Missouri parents who are already navigating or facing a divorce know that this is normal, but they should be particularly vigilant to prevent emotions from having a negative impact on a child custody dispute. A parent should never make a negative impression on a judge because he or she cannot effectively manage emotions and words. 

Judges are supposed to be neutral parties, but they are people who want to be treated with respect and regard. They also want the same of their staffers. When parents can act maturely and show a willingness to work cooperatively, it could be beneficial for the parent's case. 

Not every divorce will require litigation to resolve certain issues, but even when a custody agreement is drafted by both parties out of court, it will be subject to final approval from a judge. When an agreement cannot be reached amicably or through alternate forms of dispute resolution, a judge will designate custody arrangements. Missouri parents should not make unreasonable demands or insult the intelligence of the presiding judge, but rather should work closely with his or her legal representation to present their side of an argument. 

The complex emotions that often accompany divorce and child custody disputes can overwhelm a person, but there is no need to face this alone. With the help of an experienced legal ally, a person can effectively protect parental rights and the best interests of the children, all without allowing emotions to have a negative impact. To learn how a lawyer can help, a person may seek a complete evaluation of his or her case.

Source: The Huffington Post, "5 Things Your Divorce Judge Wants to Tell You, But Doesn't", Jason Levoy, March 21, 2016

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