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April 2016 Archives

What does Missouri law say about fathers' rights?

Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of all parents and finding solutions to some of the most complex family law matters. When it comes to fathers' rights, it takes complete knowledge of Missouri law to fully understand how to help fathers seek rightful visitation and custody. We have the experience and ability to deftly navigate the most complex of paternity and custody cases.

Helping your child understand child custody arrangements

When navigating the complex process of a divorce, Missouri parents are facing many complicated issues, particularly those involving the children. When walking through this process, it can be beneficial to remember that the children often benefit when parents are committed to working together and disrupting the lives and routines of the children as little as possible. When parents are able, they may even consider working on a child custody agreement that reflects the unique needs of their family. 

How you can obtain a modification to child support orders

Life after divorce is complicated, as Missouri parents know. From job changes, remarriage, new medical needs and other unexpected changes, financial circumstances can change quickly, impacting a person's ability to meet his or her financial obligations. If you find yourself unable to meet the terms of existing child support orders, you have the right to seek a modification. 

Navigating child custody matters toward a strong future

For Missouri readers who are going through a divorce, it is no secret that child issues pertaining to children are some of the most contested and acrimonious of the end of a marriage. Child custody issues, while it may be difficult for parents, should be resolved in a manner that is focused on stability in the future, not short-term circumstances. Providing children with a stable, beneficial post-divorce routine starts with a thoughtful custody order. 

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