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How you can obtain a modification to child support orders

Life after divorce is complicated, as Missouri parents know. From job changes, remarriage, new medical needs and other unexpected changes, financial circumstances can change quickly, impacting a person's ability to meet his or her financial obligations. If you find yourself unable to meet the terms of existing child support orders, you have the right to seek a modification. 

Child support is designed and designated for the protection of the children. It is intended to maintain a continuity of lifestyle for the youngest members of a divorcing family. Despite the best intentions of the family court or the parents, it is often difficult to sustain these orders in the long run. Instead of a verbal agreement between parents or simply declining to make payments, a parent should seek to rectify this issue through the proper legal channels. 

The court may grant a modification if one parent wishes to move, a parent begins earning a higher income, a parent lost his or her job or other extenuating circumstances are present. Many times in a modification case, one of the parents does not agree with the changes and may push back against the request of the other parent. No matter what the circumstances may be, you have the right to seek changes to your support order in court.

As always, the main priority of the Missouri court is to protect the best interests of the children. If you feel that you can no longer meet the obligations outlined in child support orders, begin by seeking a case evaluation with a family law attorney. It is never a waste of time to make the effort to fully understand your rights and options.

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