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Navigating child custody matters toward a strong future

For Missouri readers who are going through a divorce, it is no secret that child issues pertaining to children are some of the most contested and acrimonious of the end of a marriage. Child custody issues, while it may be difficult for parents, should be resolved in a manner that is focused on stability in the future, not short-term circumstances. Providing children with a stable, beneficial post-divorce routine starts with a thoughtful custody order. 

Co-parenting is a concept that is growing in popularity, but for some parents, it is not a sustainable arrangement. While parents are almost always committed to the well-being of their children, emotional and practical issues can surface, damaging what could be a beneficial working custody arrangement. Co-parenting is possible, but it is vital to have a custody arrangement that provides the foundation for this type of parenting plan.

Divorce is often hardest on the children. Kids always benefit, emotionally and mentally, when they can maintain a strong relationship with both parents. Co-parenting is a way to provide that much-needed stability, even if it is not always the easiest for the parents. By working with an experienced family law attorney, a sustainable custody and co-parenting arrangement is possible.

Any decisions that are made during divorce will have an impact well into the post-divorce future, especially issues pertaining to child custody. Missouri parents should seek professional help regarding a parenting plan that is suited to their particular needs. Divorce is hard, but with the right help, parents can provide stability during this time of transition.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Successful and Positive Co-Parenting After Divorce", Kelly Benamati, March 23, 2016

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