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May 2016 Archives

What happens when a child custody order needs to be changed?

Protecting the best interests of the children and one's parental rights does not stop when a divorce is final. Missouri parents, even after working hard to put emotions aside and draft a beneficial parenting plan and child custody order, may find that changes need to be made. Life goes on after divorce, and sometimes life changes dictate the need for a modification to an existing custody order.

We can protect your rights during child custody litigation

The end of a marriage is a stressful time for Missouri parents and their children alike. It is particularly complicated when parents are unable to resolve disputes through discussions, mediation and negotiations, instead facing seemingly inevitable child custody litigation. If you are preparing for a lengthy battle over your parental rights or time with your children, you should know that there is no need to face it alone.

The difference between physical child custody and legal custody

Children whose parents divorce often have periods of adjustment through which they must navigate after a settlement is reached. Many times, Missouri children in families of divorce go from living rather routine, stable lifestyles to circumstances that involve ongoing changes and uncertain plans. Many divorce situations lead to continued legal challenges when parents disagree about matters of child custody, visitation, alimony or other family-related issues.

Child custody has a long-term emotional impact on children

As children often carry a significant and heavy emotional burden during and after their parents' divorce, it is important to provide stability in as many areas as possible. From visitation schedules to the schools that the children will attend, a child custody order should provide stability and a continuity of lifestyle if possible. In order to provide the best, most workable situation for the kids, Missouri parents may find it useful to work together to resolve these complex issues.

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