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The difference between physical child custody and legal custody

Children whose parents divorce often have periods of adjustment through which they must navigate after a settlement is reached. Many times, Missouri children in families of divorce go from living rather routine, stable lifestyles to circumstances that involve ongoing changes and uncertain plans. Many divorce situations lead to continued legal challenges when parents disagree about matters of child custody, visitation, alimony or other family-related issues.

It is crucial that any parent considering litigation regarding custody matters understand the legal terms pertinent to the issue. For instance, many parents are unaware of the differences between physical and legal custody of children. An experienced family law attorney is typically able to provide ongoing guidance and support.

The Featherston Law Firm is dedicated to helping clients achieve positive outcomes that enable them to move forward after divorce while protecting the best interests of their families. We understand that decisions regarding custody will have long-term impact on your children. Our committed and experienced guidance is available to help you explore your options and determine what the best course of action might be in your particular situation.

If you need to know more about the differences between physical child custody and legal custody, or have concerns about state laws that govern visitation or child support issues, you can access the convenient contact form, located on our website, to request a consultation. Our Missouri office serves families in St. Louis and surrounding counties. We are prepared to assist you as you take steps to secure a solid parenting plan and new lifestyle for your family. 

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