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June 2016 Archives

Social media may have a negative effect on child custody cases

Social media has become a natural part of life for most people. We use it to blow off steam when our jobs get stressful, brag about our successes and sometimes share intimate details of our lives that we might not reveal if we were face to face. When people in Missouri are going through divorce proceedings and/or child custody litigation, however, some attorneys suggest they keep it all to themselves. Using social media to reveal personal details may negatively impact the case's outcome.

Is it possible to share child custody without conflict?

As Missouri parents know, divorce can be hardest on the youngest members of the family. Parents strive to shield their children from unnecessary conflict, but they may fear that it will be impossible to co-parent after the divorce is final. They may be encouraged to know that, despite complicated emotional issues between them, it is possible to effectively and peacefully share child custody.

Concerns regarding visitation rights after divorce

Do you have questions and concerns regarding the time you will get to spend with your children after your divorce? This is one of the most common complications that arise during divorce, as Missouri parents can understand how important it is to maintain a strong relationship with their children. Divorce is a complex process, but parents may work specifically to ensure that their visitation rights are protected. 

Parental rights and frozen embryos: legal battle continues

A Missouri couple's battle over the fate of their frozen embryos has made it's way to the state's Appeals Court. The couple, divorced, is battling over whether the mother has the right to implant two embryos that they had frozen nine years ago. This contentious case is an interesting look at parental rights and how embryonic science could impact custody and support cases. 

Is shared custody the right child custody arrangement for you?

It is normal for children to have a difficult time when their parents get divorced. Many Missouri parents strive to ensure that their children's lives are disrupted as little as possible during this complicated process, which will in turn impact how child custody arrangements are made. For some families, an equal custody arrangement is a plan that works best for their kids and their emotional well being.

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