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Concerns regarding visitation rights after divorce

Do you have questions and concerns regarding the time you will get to spend with your children after your divorce? This is one of the most common complications that arise during divorce, as Missouri parents can understand how important it is to maintain a strong relationship with their children. Divorce is a complex process, but parents may work specifically to ensure that their visitation rights are protected. 

You may have concerns about how much you will see your children. You may worry that your ex-spouse will want to move, perhaps creating more legal issues and complications regarding a custody plan. From who will pick up the children from school to where they will spend Christmas, you have a right to know your rights and how you can protect precious time with your children. 

Missouri parents may choose to keep their divorce out of court and work on a custody agreement through negotiation and even mediation, if needed. This may save time and money, but the terms of any order should be fair and meet the needs of the children. Once an order is approved and a divorce is final, parents should not stray from the terms of the final visitation agreement, but they should seek a legal modification if circumstances change.

It is normal to have concerns over visitation rights and custody during a divorce. Whether you and your spouse choose to avoid litigation or you must fight to protect your rightful parenting time, working with an experienced family law attorney is to your advantage. Get the help you need by reaching out to a member of our team for a full case evaluation.

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