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Options for divorce and child custody

When a Missouri parent is considering divorce, there are various options available regarding the type of divorce that is best for the individual situation. As the divorce rate continues to hold at about 50 percent, it can be useful for all readers to understand the types of divorce. The type of divorce will determine how important factors are decided, such as child custody and property division.

An uncontested divorce is an option for a couple who agrees on all important issues, such as child custody and division of marital property. This agreement can be reached after discussions and negotiation, and this option could save a couple a significant amount of money by avoiding litigation. With the option of mediation, a couple employs the services of a mediation attorney to resolve disputes that exist between the two parties.

Collaborative divorce is a newer option, but one that many couples are choosing for their divorces. In this process, a couple will employ the services of a team of people uniquely trained and experienced in the collaborative divorce process. Finally, litigation is the option for a couple who cannot work together or feels that they can better protect their rights and interests in court.

The way that child custody is decided depends on the type of divorce that a couples chooses. In every option except litigation, a parent will have a more direct say in how parenting time and other factors will be outlined in the final custody order. Before filing for divorce, a Missouri parent can seek the counsel of a lawyer regarding the type of custody that is ideal for their situation.

Source: al.com, "Considering divorce? Consider your options", Stewart Welch, July 5, 2016

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