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August 2016 Archives

Child custody and the season of divorce

As Missouri readers know, there are certain times of the year when divorce filings peak, often just after the holidays. Recently released research seems to suggest that divorce filings not only spike after the holiday season is complete but also after a time of year when many people go on vacation. It is important for families to consider how the season in which a divorce takes place could impact child custody arrangements.

Child custody and the mental and emotional health of kids

A divorce can have a major impact on children, and protecting the well being of the youngest members of the family is often the main concern of most Missouri families. It is important to be attuned to the emotional and mental needs of the children during and after a divorce. While these are serious concerns, parents can be encouraged to know that there are things that they can do to help their children adjust to new child custody arrangements.

Establishing paternity in Missouri: Why and how?

There are numerous reasons at to why establishing parentage is important to parents in Missouri. Establishing paternity is typical done for custodial or monetary reasons. Mothers often request paternity testing in order to seek child support, while potential fathers may wish to submit to testing in order to gain custody or visitation rights.

We can help you protect your visitation rights

When an unmarried couple or divorcing couple cannot agree on parenting time or custody, these disagreements can continue to plague a Missouri family long after the case has been closed or the divorce is final. Despite custody and visitation orders drafted between the two parents, it may be necessary to take definitive steps to protect your visitation rights. We know that child custody and visitation can be complicated, and we can help you understand your options.

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