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Child custody and the season of divorce

As Missouri readers know, there are certain times of the year when divorce filings peak, often just after the holidays. Recently released research seems to suggest that divorce filings not only spike after the holiday season is complete but also after a time of year when many people go on vacation. It is important for families to consider how the season in which a divorce takes place could impact child custody arrangements.

People often wait to file for divorce after the holidays are over. This is frequently motivated out of concern for other family members, namely the children, easing the difficulty of an already stressful and busy season. Data proves that this is the case for the summer as well, with many couples choosing to take one last family vacation. With many Americans traveling in the month of July, the month of August sees an up tick in divorce.

August is the month during which most children start school. If a divorce is sought at this time, parents must consider how a separation or move could impact the education and stability of the children. Divorce can be quite difficult for children, and providing a continuity of lifestyle is one of the most important steps a parent can take to protect his or her kids.

There is no perfect time of year to file for divorce, but when it is time, a person does not have to walk through it alone. By working with an experienced Missouri family law attorney, a parent can ensure that his or her parental rights and the best interests of the kids are protected. Seeking a case evaluation is an important step before initiating child custody and visitation discussions.

Source: The Atlantic, "The Months When Most People Get Divorced", Olga Khazan, Aug. 23, 2016

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