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We can help you protect your visitation rights

When an unmarried couple or divorcing couple cannot agree on parenting time or custody, these disagreements can continue to plague a Missouri family long after the case has been closed or the divorce is final. Despite custody and visitation orders drafted between the two parents, it may be necessary to take definitive steps to protect your visitation rights. We know that child custody and visitation can be complicated, and we can help you understand your options.

Despite the best of intentions to protect a child from the disagreements between two parents, one parent may refuse to cooperate with the terms of a custody order. This may mean he or she denies your rightful visitation time, denying you access with your children. Children benefit when they can maintain a strong relationship with both parents, and it is important to protect their well being by ensuring that you have regular visitation time, even if you do not have custody.

Visitation is included in a parenting plan that must be approved by a Missouri family court. It is generally granted or approved based on what is considered to be in the best interests of the children. Deviation from the plan could result in emotional distress for the children, and it may be best to seek a legal solution to this complication.

If you have been denied your visitation rights, act quickly for your own sake and that of your children. We know how difficult these situations can be, and we will advocate for your interests. Find out how you can navigate this complicated situation and protect your relationship with your kids by contacting our office for a complete case evaluation.

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