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Can child custody have an impact on property division?

Child custody and property division are two of the bigger issues that come up in divorces. Both of these issues can have major impacts on the divorcing individuals and their family for a long time after the divorce. Here in Missouri, these divorce issues can also be interconnected to a degree. This is due to state law on property division.

Here in Missouri, when the issue of property division goes before a court, the court is to divide a couple's marital property based on what would be just. State law lays out certain things that courts are to consider when deciding what would be a just division.

One of the factors that is to be considered are the custody arrangements regarding any minor children the divorcing parties have. So, what kinds of issues come up for a divorcing parent in property division proceedings can in part be impacted by what happened in the child custody proceedings related to the divorce.

As this underscores, there can be a great degree of interconnectedness when it comes to the important issues in a divorce. So, mistakes made in one aspect of a divorce might not just have impacts on that aspect, but on other key aspects of the divorce as well.

This is why having good guidance is important at all stages of a divorce. Skilled divorce attorneys understand that individual divorce issues don't exist in a vacuum, and can help people who are going through divorce understand how the various issues in their divorce fit together. They can also help such individuals with developing an overall strategy in their divorce consistent with their goals and what is important to them.

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