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Helping individuals navigate contested divorces

All divorces have their complexities and challenges. However, certain kinds can have added layers of complication. Contested divorces are one such type.

What is a contested divorce? This is divorce in which the divorcing parties can’t agree on at least one of the big issues in the divorce. There are all kinds of major issues that divorce proceedings can involve, including child support, child custody, child visitation, spousal support and the division of property. Divorcing couples can sometimes have very different views on these issues, and these differences are sometimes such that the two spouses simply are unable to resolve them in advance of divorce proceedings.

Among the things that can make contested divorces particularly challenging are the complex nature of the issues that can be at the center of divorce disagreements and that these divorces can carry higher odds of becoming heated or taking a long time to properly resolve.

A person in a contested divorce might be very worried about what impacts these challenging aspects might have on them, their family and their future. So, they may want assistance with navigating this potentially rather tricky family law matter.

Our St. Louis law firm understands the special challenges and issues that can come in contested divorces and the unique tactics it takes to properly address these issues. We can help individuals who are going through a contested divorce here in Missouri with developing a divorce approach that addresses their particular needs and concerns and is consistent with their interests.

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