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How long does a Missouri restraining order last?

There are a variety of protections a restraining order can provide a victim of domestic abuse. How long do these protections last? It depends of the terms of the order. The orders term's will generally set out how long the order will be in effect.

Now, here in Missouri, there are certain rules regarding what length of time a court can set a protective order to be in effect. For full restraining orders, there is both a minimum and maximum limit. Specifically, such orders can't be less than 180 days or more than one year in length.

As a note, there is a different set of time-frame rules for temporary orders.

Now, the fact that there is a maximum time limit for full restraining orders does not mean that a domestic violence victim in Missouri cannot have the protection of such an order for more than a year. This is because a full restraining order can be renewed. If such a renewal is requested, whether or not it is granted will depend on whether the court finds such a renewal appropriate.

Following a domestic violence incident, it is very important for the victim to get the protections they need for as long as they need them. So, if a domestic abuse survivor's protective order is nearing the end of its set time, and the survivor feels they continue to need protection, requesting a renewal is one of the actions they may wish to take. Skilled family law attorneys can assist individuals with making such a request.

Source: FindLaw, "Missouri Protective Orders Laws," Accessed Sept. 14, 2016

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