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October 2016 Archives

How does the Indian Child Welfare Act protect children?

Missouri, like many parts of the Midwest, is home to multiple Indian tribes. Back in 1978, Congress passed a law to help protect Indian children from being removed from their homes and tribes and placed with non-Indian families. The law, known as the Indian Child Welfare Act, was passed at a time when public and private agencies throughout the country were taking a large number of these children from their homes, ostensibly for their own good.

Why do divorces spike after vacations?

As we head towards the end-of-year holiday season when couples and families spend more time together, either at home or away, the results of a sociological study might be interesting for couples who are looking toward this season to mend a troubled marriage.

Older divorcing couples need to protect their retirement

People in their 50s and older are making up an increasingly larger percentage of divorcing couples. In 1990, this group accounted for only 8 percent of divorces. In 2014, that number had risen to 25 percent. Not surprisingly, as people are living longer, healthier lives, if they're in an unhappy marriage in their 50s or 60s, they're less willing to hang in there until death when they could have decades ahead of them.

You're Breaking My Heart - Valentine's Day Marriages More Likely To End In Divorce

Say it isn't so! A recent study from the Netherlands suggests that people who get married on Valentine's Day and other numerically significant dates (like 9/9/99 or 01/02/2003) are more likely to get divorced than people who get married on ordinary dates.

Divorce and farm couples

Many Missouri families make their living in agriculture. Therefore, it's interesting to look at how farm families compare with the population as a whole in terms of divorce rates. They're really not so different. The same stresses that can tear apart any marriage can undermine a couple who makes their living farming.

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