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Helping Missouri parents find a child custody solution that works

If all divorces simply involved packing up your things, walking away and filing a few papers, the world would probably be a better place. Unfortunately, we all know that splitting a relationship is rarely, if ever, that easy.

Many issues can bring extra complications to a divorce, and child custody is one of the most contentious of these issues. In a typical scenario, both parents feel they know how to care for the children better than anyone else. While both parents may mean well, it is this kind of unwavering stance that can make child custody proceedings particularly harrowing for everyone involved.

If you live in the St. Louis region are facing your own child custody problems, we want to help you. We can do this by representing you during custody hearings and negotiations or simply by giving you advice based on our years of experience.

Family dynamics have changed in many ways over the decades. Both parents may work outside of the home, one or both parents may be required to travel frequently or one parent may be filling the role of the "stay-at-home" parent. These modern family units often need modern solutions.

At the Featherston Law Firm, our attorneys can help you develop a child custody arrangement that meets your children's needs and fits with your lifestyle. We are happy to consult with you about traditional custody options as well as more modern options like bird's nest custody. To improve your understanding of Missouri's child custody laws and learn more about our firm, we invite you to browse our website.

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