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What should I know about different types of separations?

When you and your spouse aren't getting along, you might wonder if a divorce is the best course of action. Going through a separation is one option that you have that can give you a glimpse into what life will be like if you do divorce. There are some specific points you should know about a separation if you are considering this as an option for your life.

What is a trial separation?

A trial separation is an option if you think that your marriage might still be salvageable. This doesn't require anything for you to do from a legal perspective; however, it does give you the chance to find out if you will be able to manage paying your bills and handling other aspects of living alone. If you and your spouse decide to try to make the marriage work, you would simply move back in together. If things aren't working out, you could file for divorce when you are ready.

What is a permanent separation?

A permanent separation is much like a divorce; however, the marriage isn't dissolved. In this case, you and your spouse would live in separate places and maintain separate lives. You would still be married, property would be divided and you would be responsible for yourself. Couples that have children together would have to work out terms for factors related to the child, including child support and custody. If you want to make the permanent separation legal, you would have to file for either divorce or for a legal separation.

Separations and divorces are very serious matters. If you are considering either one, you should make sure that you understand how these will affect your life. An attorney can provide more information.

Source: FindLaw, "Legal Separation vs. Divorce," accessed Jan. 05, 2017

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