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Need to collect unpaid child support? We can help.

When parents divorce or seek to legally establish custody and support orders, it is critical that these arrangements protect the best interests of the children. Additionally, it is also important that parents are faithful to adhere to the terms outlined by the court and refrain from handling disputes without the help of a lawyer. When child support orders are neglected, it is the children who suffer. 

Concerns regarding visitation rights after divorce

Do you have questions and concerns regarding the time you will get to spend with your children after your divorce? This is one of the most common complications that arise during divorce, as Missouri parents can understand how important it is to maintain a strong relationship with their children. Divorce is a complex process, but parents may work specifically to ensure that their visitation rights are protected. 

How you can obtain a modification to child support orders

Life after divorce is complicated, as Missouri parents know. From job changes, remarriage, new medical needs and other unexpected changes, financial circumstances can change quickly, impacting a person's ability to meet his or her financial obligations. If you find yourself unable to meet the terms of existing child support orders, you have the right to seek a modification. 

Do you understand how child support works? We can help.

Any issue that pertains to financial matters can be a hotly contested issue during a divorce. Child support is also a commonly disputed matter as one person believes that he or she should receive a certain amount while the other party disagrees. No matter what side of the issue you are on, a close understanding of how child support is calculated and distributed may help Missouri couples avoid necessary conflicts.

Divorcing in January and how it could impact support arrangements

As Missouri readers know, it is not uncommon for couples to seek a divorce in January. For many reasons, couples facing the end of a marriage defer action over the holiday season, perhaps to spare the family emotional duress during an important time of year. As January filings typically increase after the first of the year, it is wise to acknowledge how the timing could impact support arrangements and other financial matters.

You can secure modifications to a child support order

Divorce brings many changes to a Missouri family. From living arrangements to finances, the end of a marriage marks the beginning of many significant adjustments. The arrangements that are carefully discussed and negotiated during divorce proceedings may be beneficial for awhile, but certain things, such as a child support order, may not always reflect the true needs or circumstances of a parent. 

Child support and other issues for single mothers after divorce

As Missouri readers know, divorce can leave a person with financial burdens and uncertainty about the future. This is especially true for single mothers, who often face difficulties after the divorce is final. This is why it is particularly important for any single mother to fully understand her right to receive child support and other applicable financial assistance during this process. 

Sherri Shepherd must continue to pay child support

Sherri Shepherd has lost her legal battle in which she was trying to have her name removed from her child's birth certificate. This move comes as part of a long battle over child support between the Shepherd and her ex-husband, who is raising the child. Missouri readers may have read about this extensive, highly publicized legal battle.

How you can change a child support or custody order

Over time, the terms of a divorce order may no longer match a person's needs or financial capabilities. When circumstances change, it is important for a Missouri parent to take steps to modify an order so that further complications can be avoided. If you believe that you could benefit from a modification to a spousal or child support order, find out how you can begin this process. 

Changing child support orders after a divorce is final

Divorce is a complex time, and it is difficult to accurately estimate financial circumstances months or years after the proceedings are final. Child support, spousal support and other obligations can lead to financial strain, but a Missouri parent is not out of options. There are ways by which a person can seek legal changes to child support orders through a modification request.

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