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Dividing up restricted stocks and stock options when divorcing

Settling finances in a divorce, especially one where high assets like investment accounts or retirement funds are involved, can be quite complex. What makes divorces with these types of assets so hard to settle is that they involve financial resources that are hard to assign valuations to or that are hard to divide.

How do you break up the business when you break up the marriage?

Dividing up the family business can sometimes be tougher and more emotional than getting a divorce. The odds are good that by the time you get to the place where you want the divorce, you care more about the business than the marriage.

The role of a forensic accountant in a high profile divorce

Most divorces are relatively painless to settle and merely involve the division of assets such as cars, houses, and bank accounts. Others, especially those involving more considerable financial holdings, are much more complex. Even in amicable divorces, it may be necessary to bring in a forensic accountant to make sense of how to handle the splitting up of such things as insurance policies, trust assets, property holdings across state lines, and splitting up collectibles.

What happens with funds in your 401 (k) when you divorce

When it comes to a divorce, one of the things couples dread most is having to come to a decision as to how to best split up property and assets. While deciding what is going to happen with bank accounts might be relatively straightforward to do, deciding how to split up investments, including life insurance policies and 401(k)s might be much more complex.

Hidden assets can cause considerable trouble during a divorce

The property division phase of a divorce is one that is very important. What happens during this phase can either start you off on the right foot or it can harm you as you start your new life. If you think that your ex is hiding assets, you should take the proper steps to uncover those hidden assets.

Older divorcing couples need to protect their retirement

People in their 50s and older are making up an increasingly larger percentage of divorcing couples. In 1990, this group accounted for only 8 percent of divorces. In 2014, that number had risen to 25 percent. Not surprisingly, as people are living longer, healthier lives, if they're in an unhappy marriage in their 50s or 60s, they're less willing to hang in there until death when they could have decades ahead of them.

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