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Things to consider about property division during divorce

Many people assume that being married automatically entitles them to receive half of their partners' assets. They fail to realize that Missouri is an equitable distribution state. The courts do not have to award former partners 50 percent of their spouse's assets. Instead, the courts do what they deem is fair but not necessarily equal, which can result in some people receiving more than what their spouses think is fair. 

Know the options that you have for property division in divorce

The property division process is one that is governed by various laws in Missouri. If you are facing a divorce and need to divide up assets and debts, you can try to work things out with your ex. This has some very considerable benefits that you should think about before you automatically count out working with your ex. We know that the process might not be a walk in the park, but it doesn't have to be the most stressful thing you've ever done.

You may be entitled to your spouse's pension or retirement plan

When dividing assets during divorce, you may assume you simply have to split up what you own. This is often very tangible: the family home, the car, the vacation home, your wine collect, your home furnishings, the contents of your bank account, and the like. These are things you see and interact with all the time.

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