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5 Halloween tips for recently divorced parents

It hardly seems possible, but Halloween is right around the corner. If your children haven't already started talking about what costumes they want to wear and which friends they want to trick-or-treat with, you've surely been reminded of the impending holiday by the mountains of candy beginning to fill the store shelves of your favorite big box retailer.

We can help you protect your visitation rights

When an unmarried couple or divorcing couple cannot agree on parenting time or custody, these disagreements can continue to plague a Missouri family long after the case has been closed or the divorce is final. Despite custody and visitation orders drafted between the two parents, it may be necessary to take definitive steps to protect your visitation rights. We know that child custody and visitation can be complicated, and we can help you understand your options.

Take steps to protect your parental rights after divorce

Missouri parents know that divorce will have a permanent impact on a family's dynamics. Despite the financial and emotional consequences of the end of a marriage, a parent has the right to pursue the exercise of his or her parental rights. In fact, it is possible to make decisions to protect these entitlements. 

Visitation rights can be sticking point of separation, divorce

Child custody battles can take an emotional toll on both the parents and the children involved. Visitation is one area, in particular, that can spark conflict. A couple of tips may help individuals in Missouri make wise decisions when dealing with matters involving parental visitation rights.

Visitation issues: resolving disputes between spouses

The decisions that are made during a divorce will impact a family for years, even decades, to come. Children are emotionally affected by their parents' divorce, even if the two parties are amicable and willing to work together to resolve custody and visitation issues. Since the best interests of the children are most important, parents may find it beneficial to work with a lawyer who understands the sensitive nature of custody arrangements.

How life events may impact visitation issues after divorce

There are many factors that may contribute to a divorce, but significant or traumatic life events may increase the chance that a marriage will end. Studies have shown that when a couple undergoes a certain amount of upheaval, stress or change, it can significantly alter the dynamic of a relationship, eventually leading to a divorce. How these issues affect a Missouri couple will have an impact on visitation issues, even after a divorce is final. 

Missouri parents can strive to address visitation issues amicably

Common sense suggests that most Missouri parents who are engaged in the process of divorce want to proceed as amicably as possible, especially where their children are concerned.  Some data suggests that visitation issues, division of property and other pertinent decisions that either directly or indirectly involve children will be resolved in a more positive manner if both parents agree to keep the children's best interests in mind during negotiations. A recent article offered parents practical tips and advice.

Successfully navigating visitation issues during divorce

Visitation issues are some of the most important factors that will be decided during a divorce because they will ultimately determine a permanent parenting schedule. Visitation issues are also an important issue for unmarried parents or those dealing with a paternity dispute. For the interest of resolving these matters in a timely fashion and in a way that is beneficial for the parents and children, it is best to seek assistance from an attorney who is experienced in complex family law issues. 

Working through visitation issues during the divorce process

Missouri couples going through a divorce understand how emotionally complex the situation may be, especially when facing difficult visitation issues. Parents have many concerns during this difficult process, but some of the most important concerns often regard visitation issues and child custody. Fortunately, these concerns can be alleviated when you have the assistance of an attorney experienced in complex custody ordeals. 

Missouri attorney can help with visitation issues

All people who get married generally have one thing in common -- they expect to spend the rest of their life with the person they tie the knot with at the end of the aisle. However, life happens and people change, possibly meaning a couple is no longer compatible. Those who decide that a divorce is in their best interest have many decisions to make, including child custody arrangements if there are children involved. Fortunately, there is help available with visitation issues for those seeking a divorce in Missouri.

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